The Monsters of Phoenix E.O.D. Bundle


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The Monsters of Phoenix have everything you need to clean the toughest, nastiest jobs!

The Furies Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner is a highly effective iron and decontaminate remover. An acid-free, pH neutral cleaner, the Furies is specifically formulated for vehicles with coatings and is safe for all types of hard surfaces. The Furies is especially useful on wheels: steel, alloy, chrome, painted, powder-coated, uncoated, and anodized aluminum. The Furies “bleeds” a deep, violet red while cleaning, gently loosening and removing stubborn street contaminates, brake dust, oil, grease, rubber residue, and other road impurities.

The Kraken All-Purpose Cleaner – R.T.U. is a powerful, versatile cleaner and degreaser for all types of surfaces. Its superior surfactants gently lift dirt and grim away from any surface like engine compartments, door jams, wheel wells & rims, carpets, upholstery, fabrics, vinyl, plastic and even leather. The Kraken quickly penetrates to remove pollutants, oils, stains, mineral deposits, film, and stubborn dirt. The Kraken can even eliminate odors with a fresh, pleasant Green Apple scent. The Kraken is 100% biodegradable and contains no phosphates or butyl. The Kraken All-Purpose Cleaner – R.T.U. has been pre-diluted for this bundle pack to it’s Ready-To-Use formula at 10:1 and is ready to use right out of the bottle! No dilution necessary, but may be diluted farther as needed.

The Hydra Rinseless Wash is the newest innovation from Phoenix E.O.D.! This incredible rinseless wash not only saves timeand money, but also a ton of water by allowing you to wash your vehicle from a single bucket! The Hydra Rinseless Wash is specially formulated with advanced emulsifying technology that gently, yet effectively, traps dust, dirt, and grime, pulling it away from your vehicle’s surface leaving behind a vibrant, streak-free finish! Washing your vehicle has never been easier or more efficient! The Hydra Rinseless Wash is safe and effective on ALL exterior surfaces – painted surfaces, glass, canvas, plastic, trim, metal and rubber!

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Weight 3.63 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in

9 reviews for The Monsters of Phoenix E.O.D. Bundle

  1. Kirby

    Love your products!

  2. Dyan

    I love these Phoenix E.O.D. products! Any chance you can bundle more of your stuff or maybe a “mix and match” option? You guys rock! Keep putting out the good stuff!

  3. Fredericka

    I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday! He LOVES these products. Thank you for the win!

  4. Jerome

    My brother recommended I might like this bundle. He was entirely right!

    All of my favorite Phoenix products at a discounted “bundle” price! Love it!

  5. Terrell

    I love this bundle so much! The way it has everything I need to clean my car especially during the colder months! Game Changer!

  6. Hudson

    Seriously… These are the best detailing products! I love this Monster bundle because it has my favorite products at a reduced price! Thanks Phoenix!

  7. Dwayne

    Good stuff! Are you going to bundle more of your products?

  8. Alisha

    Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Many thanks!

  9. Jeremy

    This is a must line-up for ANY detailer!!!

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