Phoenix E.O.D.’s Ceramics FAQ

Why Choose Phoenix E.O.D. Ceramics?

Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramics are made from super-premium surface coating ceramics that provide outstanding gloss, protection, and durability. Our chemists have formulated different levels of active ingredient to cover all your ceramic needs.

It’s The Ultimate Polysilazane Coating

When evaluated in the industry, Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramic line consistently out-performs other products on the market, delivering higher gloss, hardness, and water hydrophobicity. Surfaces coated with Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramics become “self-cleaning” – so dirt and water just slide off. For the ultimate in surface protection choose Kronos Ceramic Clear Coat Protection!

The Science

Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramics delivers the very latest in ceramic coating technology! These highly advanced Polysilazane and silica dioxide coatings bond with the surface on a molecular level, creating a super durable coating with protection that will last for years.


Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramics revolutionize how you protect your surfaces! Applying Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramics to a surface provides legendary durability and provides an illustrious level of gloss, hardness, all while delivering water and dirt repellency! Use Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramics to provide the ultimate protection to virtually any hard surface!

  • Painted Clear Coat
  • Gel Coat
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Chrome
  • Glass


  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Home

Titan SiO2 Hybrid Detailer

Titan SiO2 Hybrid Detailer is a unique water based SiO2 spray detailer that contains a blend of silica dioxide, micro-silica, the latest synthetic polymers, and bonding agents to deliver a super-slick, long-lasting, hydrophobic surface. Perfect and completely safe for all paintwork, glass, plastic, rubber and trim! Titan SiO2 Hybrid Detailer is so easy to use and within minutes will impart a super slick hydrophobic (respells water) layer that will shine like a wax and protects like a sealant! The surface will remain resistant to detergents and contaminates for up to 3 months*! Effortless to apply, Titan can be applied over existing sealants, waxes, and ceramic coatings to increase their hydrophobic properties, slickness and gloss! The brilliance of Titan SiO2 Hybrid Detailer must be seen to be believed! If It’s Not Protected By Titan… It’s Not Protected!

Immortal Ceramic Spray

One application of Immortal Ceramic Spray can last up to 1 year* and can be used on virtually ANY surface including: glass, paint, trim, wheels, chrome, matte, leather, & more! It can be used as a standalone coating, a maintenance spray for an already existing coating, or add this as a topper to your current coating to add extra mirror-like shine and restore the hydrophobic properties back to the coating! Immortal Ceramic Spray – Protection… Immortalized!

Kronos Ceramic Clear Coat Protection

There are ceramics – and then there’s Kronos Ceramic Clear Coat Protection – 9H+! This unique ultra-concentrated ceramic formula (organic polysilazane compound) will leave a mirror-like coating with intense 9H+ hardness and water repellency. Kronos’ application is Marine Grade and contains the latest ceramic technologies, unparalleled water beading and a self-cleaning effect. Kronos Ceramic Clear Coat Protection will keep your vehicle protected and hyper-glossy in between washes for up to 7 years*! Kronos Ceramic Clear Coat Protection – Defy Time!!!

Phoenix E.O.D.’s Kronos and Immortal are CarFax Certified!

Having your Phoenix E.O.D.’s ceramic coating properly installed by an approved Certified Phoenix E.O.D. Ceramic Installer is the best way to guarantee the lifespan of your ceramic coating! There are literally Phoenix E.O.D. Certified Installer all around the globe!

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*As with all coatings, the lifespan of Titan, Immortal, and Kronos can vary due to panel prep, climate, environment, maintenance, and how the vehicle is kept/used (daily driver, outdoors, garage, etc.).