Partners, Collaborators, and Friends of Phoenix E.O.D.

This page is dedicated to the Partners, Collaborators, and Friends of Phoenix E.O.D., that have been a part of and helped get this project off the ground. Without the help and support of these people*, this dream could never have taken flight. From the bottom of our heart’s we are eternally grateful for you.

Please Support These People and Small Businesses – Without them, there would be no Phoenix E.O.D.!

Attention 2 Details w/ Chelsea

Chelsea Longabaugh – 1133 Raymond Dr, Lancaster, PA 17601 – (717) 327-5453[email protected]YouTubeInstagramFacebook – Application Engineer (This lil’ lady sure knows her stuff! And when it comes to interiors and ceramic installs, you’ll never find anyone better! If you ever find yourself in Lancaster, come for the Amish… Stay for her detailing!)


Brian Spitler – 500 B E Penn Ave, Wernersville, PA 19565 United States – (484) 855-8700[email protected]YouTubeInstagramFacebook – Product Development, Influencer, Detailer (The Yoda of Detailing… “The Force is strong with this one.” Brain has forgotten more about detailing than I’ll ever know. I am so grateful for all you and your son have done and continue to do for me.)

Details Matter

Ryan Hansen – (530) 592-5590 – Ryan has been an inspiration and a much needed shoulder to lean on. Ryan co-chaired and spearheaded the first “Rise From The Ashes – Pay-It-Forward Campaign” in 2022. His contributions and donations allowed for Phoenix E.O.D. to really help out a few individuals that were nominated by their friends, family members and even peers. Ryan is the true embodiment of what it means to, “Pay-It-Forward”!

Distinguished Detailing

Derrick Copes – (844) 984-2637 – [email protected] – Product Development, Influencer, Detailer, Charities, Humanitarian Extraordinaire, “The Dopest Detailer You’ll Ever Meet” (“Before I could pull myself up by my boot straps, I had to find the [effing] boots.” – Derrick Copes)

Emerson This

Emerson Loustau –[email protected] – Web Designer, IT, Brother (not blood, but if there was ever a case for a “brother-from-another-mother”, this would be the guy.)

FAB Automotive Detailing – Products for Professionals

Brian Webster – P.O. Box 903 , Greenfield, Indiana 46140 United States – (317) 603-4617 – [email protected]https://fabdetailsupplies.comYouTubeInstagram – Product Development, Influencer, Detailer (Besides Superman, when I think of “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”, I think of FAB)

Ghostflow Photography, LLC

Stephen Carrozzino – – Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor, Visionary (I might not be a “Boomer” as he likes to call me, but he definitely has his finger much closer to the pulse of what’s trending than I ever will.)

Jason’s Auto Detailing, LLC

Jason Perry – (609) 304-7920 (call for appointments) – Application Engineer, Detailer (Me: You’re an incredible detailer! Why do you charge so little for such perfection!? Jason: Eh, I don’t know… because I can.)

LaMarr Rodriguez

LaMarr RodriguezFacebook[email protected] – Senior Application Engineer (“professional product testin’, coconut crushin’, a$$ smacking, champion of the world… and still undisputed cigarette rolling champion of the world.” His words, not mine. – But seriously, email this guy if you have questions about any product from any company… This guy knows his stuff! Block off some time to talk though – you’ve been warned. Thanks for your help, LaMarr!)

Major Trainwreck

Maj. Eric “Trainwreck” Burkett – InstagramFacebook – Brother, Father (not mine – that’s just gross), Vet, Survivor, Gold Medalist Archer, My Inspiration (follow him on Instagram if you’re ever looking for a reason to get out of the bed every day. “What’s your excuse for skipping leg day?”)

McCall Vicki B CPA

Vicki McCall – 683 Delsea Dr, Pitman, NJ 08071 – (856) 589-2774 – Accountant, Advisor (An angel with just a dash of devil, but man let me just tell you, this lady knows numbers, and taxes, and tax law, and more numbers!)

Miranda Detailing – Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings

Phil Miranda – Richmond, VA – (804) 972-3051 – [email protected]YouTubeInstagramFacebook – Product Development, Influencer, Detailer (A true inspiration for hustling! Phil and his wife, Jessica are just laser focused on success! Just been a real pleasure getting to know him better through this adventure!)


Eric Pakroo – InstagramYouTube – Product Development, Influencer, Detailer, Taco Lover, Pal (I ask you.. have you EVER met a more genuine and nicer guy in you life? No you haven’t. So stop looking! Seriously… just stop.)

Sew Fine Productions, Inc.

Ron Lerro – 19 Mercer Dr., Sicklerville, NJ 08081 – (856) 297-6916

[email protected] – Apparel Production (“Aaron, you’re a d*ck, LMAO!! I never talk to my customers this way, but you’re way more than that, LOL!!!” True story and that’s the way it should be if you’re on this page!)

Shine Your Light Detailing, LLC

Tim Pitcher – Conway, SC 29526 – (651) 492-4982 – www.shineyourlightdetailing.comFacebookInstagramYouTube – Product Development, Application Engineer, Detailer (There are engineers and then there are engineers… and then there’s Tim. The scientific mind is a beautiful thing!)

So Cleen Mobile Detailing, LLC

Eileen Baez – Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 – (760) 889-7650 – – Product Development, Application Engineer, Detailer, Brand Ambassador… WEST COAST REPRESENT!!!


Son Katze – [email protected]Instagram – Branding, Logo Design, Label Design (This guy… I can’t rave about this guy enough! You need a brand? A logo? Label design? Son is the Bobby Fischer of the design world. I’ve recommended him to all of my friends and family that needed branding and he’s crushed it for every one of them! Seriously, he’s like 24 for 24 not counting the multiple jobs I’ve hired him for).

WaxWorxx Detailing and Coating, Co

Ryan Murcavage – (856) 340-3674 – InstagramFacebook – Application Engineer, Detailer (The Albert Einstein of detailing. I love the way this guy rolls and his methodical “out-of-the-box” approach to detailing! Thanks, Ryan for all your help!)

Wifler Industries

Alex Wifler – 24129 South Kings Road, Crete, Illinois 60417, United States – (708) 203-7760 – Product Development, Application Engineer (I think we might just end up ruling the universe together. Buckle Up!)

Woodbury Chiropractic Center

Dr. Guy Pistilli D.C., – 223 South Evergreen Avenue, Woodbury, NJ, 08096, US – (856) 848-1515 – FacebookTwitter CFO, Doctor, Councilor, Mentor, Advisor. Board Member (if we had a board – I know, it’s weird to even mention this, right? But, I kind of promised him he could sit at the big table so, just roll with it, ok!?), confidant, legal?, wizard?

*Due to certain Non-Disclosure Agreements, not everyone can be listed, but just know you are remembered and cherished.

A Very Special Thanks

Kim, Vin, Lou, Jacob, & Bernicia

Mom & Dad

Uncle Rick & Aunt Jan

Doc Baxter

And to every single person out there that has dared to dream, aspired to evolve, and NEVER quit on themselves –

Be The Inspiration In Someone’s Life.