Phoenix E.O.D.’s Rise From The Ashes Pay It Forward Campaign

The founding of Phoenix E.O.D. could not, would not, be possible without so many people along the way giving us unparalleled help and support! As we’ve grown, we’ve discovered that nearly everyone we’ve encountered along the way, as we’ve affectionately come to refer to as, “The Phoenix Family”, has shown no less than that same spirit to support those around them. From personal family and friends to The Four Horsemen and everyone in between, we all seem to share the same mindset of helping one another and taking care of the person beside them in the trenches! After all, we are truly #InThisTogether.

The Phoenix E.O.D. Rise From The Ashes Pay It Forward Campaign was founded for just this reason; to “Pay It Forward” for all the support we’ve been given, to deserving people. Since 2022, Phoenix E.O.D. receives donations throughout the year and awards those donations as gifts to deserving, nominated individuals at the end of each December.

How The PEODRFTAPIF Campaign Works


Between Black Friday (typically the last Friday in November) and Christmas, December 25th, nominations of deserving people are accepted for consideration. Nominations can be anyone, but should pertain to the detailing community and to those that can truly benefit from automotive detailing supplies.

Once the nomination period for the year comes to a close, our panel of Judges will convene and winners for the campaign will be determined. Winners will be awarded prizes based upon the need and merit of submissions.

Submissions and any questions should be emailed to [email protected].


Donations in the form of Detailing Supplies (shop supplies, tools, towels, brushes, polishers, pads, etc…) are collected all year long (January 1st through December 20th of the current year) and are set aside for the Campaign.

Unfortunately, at this time, Phoenix E.O.D. is not equipped or “set-up” to accept monetary donations except in the form of a purchased Phoenix E.O.D. Gift Certificate.

Donations can be sent to the following:

Phoenix E.O.D.

ATTN: Pay It Forward Campaign

404 Bloomfield Dr.

Suite 1

West Berlin, NJ 08091

The Rules Of The Campaign

  • Entries will be accepted between Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) through December 25th of the current campaign year.
  • Entries MUST be submitted via email to [email protected] and must be submitted prior to 11:59pmET on December 25th of the current campaign year. DMs will not be accepted and can get overlooked and lost.
  • Entries should include a short narrative on why the nominee should win the giveaway if you want your entry to be considered.
  • One entry per nomination/nominator. Multiple entries may cause for disqualification.
  • Entries will be reviewed by Phoenix E.O.D. personnel and panel comprised of donors that have contributed to the campaign throughout the year.
  • Winners will be announced during the Curmudgeon’s Corner Livestream on Phoenix E.O.D.’s YouTube Channel within the week after the nomination period closes. Winners will also be posted on Phoenix E.O.D.’s social media following the broadcast.
  • Winners will hopefully include one Grand Prize, one 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes and four “Honorable Mention” prizes depending on donations received during the current campaign year. Prizes will be comprised based upon donations received up to the end of the year’s campaign date.

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