About us

First and foremost, your being here on this particular page, reading this, and wanting to get to know more about us and who we are means more to us than any dollar spent. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for coming here.

The Phoenix

No one is exactly sure where the original mythos of the Phoenix started – Was it Egyptian? Was it Grecian? The Phoenix may even be older than both of those cultures, possibly from some forgotten and lost civilization in the Middle East. But regardless of where it started, all scholars will agree that The Phoenix is an immortal, magnificent creature that is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Phoenix E.O.D. is just that for us. This company was formed around the idea of renewal and rebirth, and for some of us, we truly have risen from the ashes. (Don’t believe me? check out @majtrainwreck on Instagram and get back to me).

The E.O.D.

But what about the “E.O.D.”? What does that mean? E.O.D. stands for “Evolve Or Die”. If you’ve been around us long enough, you’ve heard that phrase a thousand times. The journey to get here has been long and arduous. All along the way, throughout any adversity, we’ve had to adapt (or evolve) to overcome.

So, Who Are We?

The same mantra has gone into creating our products. With the market as flooded as it is, with everyone saying their product is the best (even though they’re all using the same blenders with the same formulas), it’s not good enough to be the same or just as good (with just a different scent or dye in the color). Every day the industry changes – be it with the car manufactures using a different type of paint and clear coat or a pad manufacturer using a different type of foam to make a pad. Maybe a new type of polisher is invented. Whatever the case may be, as a chemical manufacturer, we must be able to adapt to these changes and our products must Evolve to meet your expectations. Phoenix E.O.D. – Evolve Or Die.

Working in the car care industry for many years, we have crossed paths with so many of the best and the brightest. We spent many years building and fostering relationships with these industry leaders. These relationships opened doors that would otherwise be closed to “a start-up, small business.” And through those doors, we’ve not only been able to learn from the best of the best, but actually work alongside them to create some of the best vehicle detailing products on the market today. It’s been like having a chemist in your back pocket, who gives you a magic wand and says, “Well, what do you want to create today?”

But it doesn’t stop there! Not only did we make relationships with the best people in the industry, we were also able to forge great and enduring friendships with some of the best Influencers in the industry. From there, it led to a relationship with you. Never in our lives would we have dreamed we would be able to get to know you, car enthusiasts from all around the world! We’ve built friendships with car enthusiasts on every continent, in so many different countries! With these great relationships came incredible stories, tons of pictures, fabulous ideas, sharp critiques, and wonderful support. Also, more often than not, it came with the encouragement, “when are you going to do it yourself?”

Well, the answer to that question is easy. “Never.” We’re never going to do it “ourselves.” It’s going to take all of us. Me, you, the best and the brightest in the industry, the influencers, enthusiasts, family, friends – Together, we are Phoenix E.O.D.. – Aspire To Evolve

Our Inspiration

Eric “Trainwreck” Burkett

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Major Eric Burkett at the Awaken Youth Center, Imperial, PA

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