Typhon Interior Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer


Typhon Interior Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer

Grime and Odors Be Afraid!”

Typhon Interior Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer is a powerful and versatile cleaner and deodorizer for all types of surfaces. Its superior surfactants gently lift the dirt away from carpet, upholstery, vinyl, plastic, and most types of leather. Typhon features advanced chemistry that only Phoenix E.O.D. is known for, to remove tough stains and stubborn odors with ease. The scent-and-dye-free formula’s rich foaming action penetrates soiled fibers allowing you to permanently remove oil and organic-based stains quickly while keeping the fibers cleaner longer by encapsulating polymers that prevent re-soiling. In addition, odor elimination technology is used to neutralize foul odor and leave your interior smelling like new. Ideal for use on carpets, floor mats, upholstery, and microfiber seats. Excellent for household use and even works FAB-ulously on pet stains.

Key features:

  • Contains no harsh chemicals or dyes.
  • Cleans and deodorizes.
  • Safe on most wettable surfaces like fabrics, vinyl, and most leather surfaces.
  • Gets rid of tough dirt without any residue.


Shake Well Before Using. Typhon Interior Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer’s concentrated formula can be diluted 10 to 1 or even 15 to 1 depending on the severity of the soiled area being cleaned. For extremely soiled areas, Typhon Interior Cleaner can be used straight as a spot remover. Simply spray Typhon directly onto the soiled surface. Let it set for a few minutes. Gently agitate with a microfiber towel (or brush, if necessary, on stubborn stains). Clean up any remaining dampness with a dry towel or vacuum.

General purpose dilution (or R.T.U.) is considered 1/10 (1 part Typhon to 10 parts water).

Typhon Interior Cleaner and Deodorizer comes as a super concentrate! 1 gallon can make over 20 gallons! Because of this, Typhon is available as a “kit”. Kits include one bottle of concentrate (gallon or pint), one empty, labeled R.T.U. (Ready To Use) pint bottle, and a Phoenix E.O.D. Dilution Chart Decal! Decals are approximately 6″x 4.5″ and you can stick ’em anywhere!

Note: Gallon and Quart sizes are considered “refill” sizes and DO NOT come with triggers/sprayers

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8oz Half-Pint – R.T.U., 16oz Pint – Concentrate, 32oz Quart – Concentrate – Refill, 128oz Gallon – Concentrate – Refill, 16oz Pint Concentrate – Kit, 128oz Gallon Concentrate – Kit, 16oz Pint R.T.U., Dilution Chart, 8oz Half-Pint – Concentrate