The Furies – Iron Remover & Wheel Cleaner


Take Vengeance On Surface Contaminates!

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Take Vengeance On Surface Contaminates!

The Furies Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner is a highly effective iron and decontaminate remover. An acid-free, pH neutral cleaner, the Furies is specifically formulated for vehicles with coatings and is safe for all types of hard surfaces. The Furies is especially useful on wheels: steel, alloy, chrome, painted, powder-coated, uncoated, and anodized aluminum. The Furies “bleeds” a deep, violet red while cleaning, gently loosening and removing stubborn street contaminates, brake dust, oil, grease, rubber residue, and other road impurities.

Ready to use. Apply to cool surfaces evenly via the spray. Let stand 3 minutes (do not allow it to dry) to allow the iron removing chemistry to work. For heavy, baked on, and stubborn brake dust, use a small brush or wash mitt to agitate and help loosen debris. The Furies will turn a deep red as it dissolves contaminates and brake dust. Rinse thoroughly with water and high pressure.

Note: Only 8oz and 16oz bottles of The Furies Iron Remover & Wheel Cleaner come with sprayers. The other sizes are considered refills and DO NOT come with sprayers.

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Can cause eye irritation. Excessive inhalation may cause respiratory irritation. Ingestion can cause
gastrointestinal irritation. Prolonged skin contact may cause slight irritation. Harmful if swallowed. Eyes:
Flush with water for 15 minutes, call physician if irritation persists. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air, call
physician if irritation persists. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, call physician.

The Furies, also known as the Erinyes in Greek mythology, were powerful and fearsome goddesses associated with vengeance and retribution. As you mentioned, they were the offspring of Gaea (Earth) and Uranus (Sky), making them primordial deities with a deep connection to the natural world.

The Furies were usually depicted as three sisters: Alecto, the relentless one; Tisiphone, the avenger of murder; and Megaera, the grudging one. They resided in the underworld, where they carried out their duties of punishing those who had committed crimes such as murder, perjury, and acts of impiety.

Their appearance was often described as terrifying, with snakes for hair and eyes that dripped with blood. They were relentless in their pursuit of justice, hounding and tormenting wrongdoers until they received their due punishment.

Despite their reputation for cruelty, the Furies were also seen as agents of justice, ensuring that the natural order was maintained and that those who transgressed against it faced the consequences of their actions. In this sense, they were viewed as both fearsome and impartial, embodying the harsh but necessary aspects of divine justice in Greek and Roman mythology.

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8oz Half-Pint, 16oz Pint, 32oz Quart – Refill, 128oz Gallon – Refill

3 reviews for The Furies – Iron Remover & Wheel Cleaner

  1. Tim Mclaughlin

    This product rocks! I have used iron x, Gyeon iron, 3M BDX. All great products. But this is the best! Works quickly, does not smell bad( for iron remover). Buy the gallon. It lasts a very long time. Use prior to every wash. On wheels/ rims, rocker panels. You will be shocked how well this product works.
    Phoenix eod is on a role. Another must have! For professional detailer or enthusiast.

  2. Ryan Hansen

    Great decon. Stinks far less than other Iron decon and really dissolves iron well. Like the rest of the kind of products this is s great item.

  3. Kevin

    Incredible. Works great and doesn’t have that godawful stench that most iron removers have!

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