FAB-ulous Finishing Polish


“D*mn Right, It’s Made in America – Now, Let’s Do It!”

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Made to live up to FAB Automotive Detailing’s highest level of standards, FAB-ulous Finishing Polish will blow away your expectations! This professional formula combines cutting-edge diminishing micro-abrasives and water-based lubricants to eliminate micro-swirls gradually. FAB-ulous Finishing Polish is the ultimate final step of the “three-step” paint correction process as the formula emollients roll over the hard edges of swirls and holograms leaving a flawless, mega-gloss with an unparalleled “Distinction of Image” (D.O.I)! Works exceptionally well on dark surfaces. Ideal for ceramic prepping. FAB-ulous Finishing Polish is both Body Shop Safe and VOC compliant. – “Now, Let’s Do It!”

Directions: Shake Well Before Use. Be sure the surface is clean, cool, and dry. Apply a moderate amount of FAB-ulous Finishing Polish to a finishing foam buffing pad. Spread evenly over a 2ft x 2ft area. Using a DA or Rotary, buff slowly and apply even pressure (1200rpm).

For an ultra-finish or darker colored vehicles using a Dual Action Polisher (DA) is recommended.

Health & Safety: Can cause eye irritation. Excessive inhalation may cause respiratory irritation. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Call physician if irritation persists. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Call physician.

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5 reviews for FAB-ulous Finishing Polish

  1. Timothy Pitcher (verified owner)

    Fabulous finishing polish is exactly what I have been looking for. It finishes extremely clear and with a epic level of gloss. As a daily paint transformation detailing professional, I want nothing but the best products. And for finishing polish… this is absolutely the best from all of the comparisons that I have performed. I highly recommend Fabulous Finishing Polish.

  2. Mike Castaldo

    This is best polish I have ever used. Finish is nice easy on easy off. No smearing or residue. User friend and slick and very glossy!

  3. Ryan Hansen (verified owner)

    Fantastic polish. Finishes down amazingly well. Easy to wipe off. If you want that extra glossy look or are cleaning up some black pillars this is a must.

  4. Tim Mclaughlin

    Fabulous is a great finishing compound. Pair this with papa cut, it’s the best 2 step on the market.

  5. Steve

    Dam this is awesome Polish!

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