Papa Cut Diminishing Compound

Papa Cut Diminishing Compound


“Did Somebody Say Tacos!?”

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Well, no one said it, but we’re all thinking it! Inspired by Papasmurf918 himself, Papa Cut Diminishing Compound is the fastest working compound ever! Created using the latest in abrasive technology, Papa Cut provides fast and effective elimination of 1200 grit or finer sand scratches. This innovative formulation and diminishing abrasive system, provides a level of cut and finishes with high gloss; haze-free finish unmatched by any other compound on the market. Papa Cut Diminishing Compound delivers outstanding gloss and Distinction of Image (D.O.I.). With an increased cycle time, ultra-gloss and swirl free finish, Papa Cut is easy to clean up with virtually no dusting and no white residue on trims. Papa Cut Diminishing Compound is silicone-free, filler-free, body shop safe and VOC compliant.

Now that the work is done… Who’s hungry?

Directions: Shake well. Always try to work in a shaded area on a cool surface. Using a small quantity, apply product evenly to a 2ft x 2ft area. Using a rotary polisher with a wool, foam, or microfiber pad, slowly buff using an overlapping pattern with enough pressure to eliminate surface defects. As the compound material diminishes, finesse the paint surface – progressively using less pressure until a high gloss is achieved.

Wool Pad: 1500 – 2000rpm         Foam Pad (especially for dark colors): 1200 – 1500rpm

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Show up in person with a bottle of Papa Cut and PapaSmurf will buy you a taco!

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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 8 in


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