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As of August 22nd, 2022, Immortal bottles are being upgraded to premium aluminum bottles. We’ve discovered as temperatures rise around the country, the power that is Immortal just can’t be contained and has the potential to break the plastic bottles from the inside out! (If you’ve already purchased Immortal, simply “vent” or slightly open the cap real fast to let out any pressure that’s built up.)

Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating is an easy spray on – wipe off ceramic coating!

One Application can last up to 1 year* and can be used on most exterior surfaces including: glass, paint, trim, wheels, chrome, & more!

It can be used as a stand alone coating, or add this as a topper to your current coating to add an extra mirror-like shine and restore the hydrophobic properties back to the coating.

Directions: Shake well before using. Spray on Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating either directly onto the surface or onto a microfiber towel or applicator to avoid overspray. Wipe the product evenly across the surface making sure it is evenly coated, and wait 1-2 minutes OR until you see a rainbow effect on the surface. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff off right after and lastly be sure to allow the product to fully cure. We recommend waiting 6-12 hours before exposing it to the elements like water.

This product is super simple to apply and super effective! If you’d like to go even further, feel free to add multiple layers. We recommend you wait around 15 minutes before adding multiple layers.

Currently available in 8oz bottles.

Note: Always Shake Well Before Using

Shelf Life & Storage:

Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating can have a shelf life up to 2 years. Proper handling and storage is imperative to maximizing the shelf life of Immortal. After using Immortal, remove the sprayer and replace with the cap that originally came with your bottle. Be sure to purge the trigger of any residual product to avoid build up in the tube and trigger. The tube and trigger can be further cleaned by drawing an IPA through the the tube and trigger with a few pulls of the sprayer. Store unused Immortal in a dry cool area and out of the reach of children.

*As with all coatings, the lifespan of Immortal can vary due to panel prep, climate, environment, maintenance, and how the vehicle is kept/used (daily driver, outdoors, garage, etc… ).

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Phoenix Ceramics Now Have “Born On” Window Cling

Just one more service that you can provide to your customer. Phoenix Ceramics now come with “Born On” window clings. Let your customer know when you installed the ceramic coating and which service was installed! Immortal Ceramic Spray comes with two window clings, Kronos 50ml comes with two window clings, Kronos 100ml comes with four window clings. Additional window clings are available for purchase HERE.

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Additional information

Weight 0.578125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 7.5 in

4oz, 8oz

6 reviews for Immortal Ceramic Spray Coating – 5H

  1. Mike Castaldo

    Easy to apply, fantastic results, slick and smooth feeling water behavior is amazing. Sheeting and beading. Applied with microfiber applicator for Ultimate and even coverage. Just amazing results. I recommend

  2. Ryan Hansen (verified owner)

    Great product. Very easy to use. There is a safety button on the side of the trigger that you have to press before you can spray just a heads up. Very friendly/helpful staff. My expectations were exceeded by this ceramic spray.

  3. Shine Your Light Detailing (verified owner)

    Incredible 1-year rated Ceramic Coating. So easy to wipe on, watch the rainbow effect, and wipe off. I don’t think I’ve ever use some thing like this. That is so easy and effective.

    The gloss is epic. Immortal is truly an amazing product and I highly recommend it. 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Tim Mclaughlin (verified owner)

    This is one of our favorite products from Phoenix EOD. It’s like Hot sauce. You can put SH*# on everything!
    We love this for ceramic coating everything on the interior! Leather seats, plastics, vinyls. We also use this as maintenance coating for our customers with Kronos ceramic coating. Every 6 months we perform a deep cleaning maintenance wash of our ceramic coated customers. Than we too with immortal, then Titan. We have never had a dissatisfaction customer, not 1! Plus the quantity in this bottle. We use on about 10 different cars!

  5. Carl W

    Love the gloss and slickness and how easy it is to apply.

  6. Kit Narodick (verified owner)

    Immortal is great. And I love using Titan. Can I use both on the same job? If do, whick coating di put on first and how long do i eait to pit the second coat on? Thanks for your instructions on this.

  7. Aaron

    Hey Kit! Thanks for the review! You absolutely can use them on the same job. We recommend waiting 24hrs before applying Titan, but you can get away with less of a cure time if you’re in a pinch for time!

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